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Five Favorite Tech Tools

Hello Everyone!

I’m going to start the first post by saying this: I’m no tech expert by any means, and I don’t claim to know more than what I know about technology. I am forever learning and thinking of new ways to incorporate technology into my classroom and come across many obstacles when implementing new technologies and ideas. I’m creating this blog to help alleviate the challenges I have when using new technology in the classroom and to help educators enable students to become innovators with the technology that is evolving. The following is a short list of some of the technologies I use in my Math classroom everyday.


The first piece of tech that I use on a regular basis is Google. I created a G Suite domain for my school and use Google Classroom daily with my students. I love it because I can create digital assignments that are self-correcting and keep the kids engaged when working independently.

Prodigy Game

The second piece of tech is a game called prodigy. Students choose a character and complete battles, answering math questions to win the battle. I can select assign types of questions by standard or by skill. There is also a baseline assessment (that still looks like a game) to help me determine students starting level.

Class Dojo

The third piece of tech that I use daily is classdojo. Students can earn or lose points based on behaviors I create. I try to use it in a more positive way and give more points than I take away. Parents are linked to the students dojo account and can view portfolios and work that you post of the child.

Google Forms

The fourth tech that I use is Google Forms (part of the G Suite). I use this app for everything! I created conferencing checklists, behavior checklists, small group checklists, as well as student centered activities (like a digital escape room I’ll share in a later post!) and self-correcting quizzes. There are plenty of extensions to add that will even grade the assignments for you! This falls under the Google Classroom umbrella, but definitely deserves its own list because it’s such a versatile tool to use in the classroom.

Last but not least, I am starting to use in my classroom. This is the PD that I attended that indirectly inspired me to follow through with this blog that I’ve been thinking about since the beginning of my teaching career (a whole five years ago!). The workshop was very informative, and I brainstormed ways I can incorporate coding in my Math classroom. More information on to follow!

What tech tools do you use in your classroom? Drop a comment below!



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